What the… 3

I got a call at about ten to four in the morning, and I was wondering what the fuck that was about. No one was on the line, just some beeping.

Then, all of a sudden, my printer/scanner/fax machine sprang to life, and out popped a sheet pitching me better mortgage rates.

I am now getting spam faxes.


3 thoughts on “What the…

  1. Reply Cleo Feb 5,2004 7:35 pm

    Dude… You’re so corporate.

  2. Reply Nate Pence Feb 6,2004 2:49 am

    Theeeeeere’s the pot calling the kettle black.

  3. Reply Ellen Feb 6,2004 7:21 am

    And there’s the Teflon-coated frying pan telling the pot she’s calling the kettle black.

    Okay, that was a stretch. But you know what I mean. So nyaaaaaaah!

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