They’ve asked me to come in way early for my 2nd day (reasons too complicated to explain, but seems like a once-in-a-while thing). This is has its downside and its upside.

Downside: I’m already used to getting up for a 2pm start time, after one day. And it means my second day will be 13 hours long.

Upside: (singing) Money money money money….money! (/singing).

It looks like if I really feel like it, I can swing enough hours to not need to get a second job AND mooch. I’ll be able to only have to do one or the other.

Granted, this will still be a shitload of hours, but it may be something of a solution to some of my financial issues.

And after all, sleep is for the weak. As are lesiure, amusement, first-run movies, and brand name food….

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