Bad To The Point Of Ridiculous 2

My day got so bad today that I ended up laughing hysterically at how ridiculously bad it had become.

So things started out poorly, finding out that the show’s not going to be able to hire me now. I was really sad about this, because this is the only job I’ve had that I’ve really loved.

The upside was that the door was left open for possibly being hired next season, but it still really bites that I’m going to have to figure out what to do at least until then, and also if that falls through.

So that was bad and depressing enough, but then as I was leaving to go home, I went to turn onto the freeway, and hit the curb hard enough to pop a tire.

I make that turn every day. I’ve never even hit the curb before, let alone hit it hard enough to pop a tire. Fortunately, I was able to pull over on the on-ramp and not the actual freeway, but it still sucked.

So I called AAA, and the guy came, a very nice young hispanic guy named George, but apparently he had thought I had a smaller car, because he brought a really small jack. No problem, we’ll just use the one that came with the car, I said.

So he pops the jack out of my car, and slides it under the car. As he’s raising it, he looks at the jack critically and says, “I think it’s bending.”

And then, as he raises it up a bit more, it creaks over towards the front of the car, and breaks. Bear in mind that this is the jack that came with the car.

So, of course, he had to go back to his shop and get another jack. No problem, it’s not like I was going anywhere without him. I decided I’d just call some people and whine.

So I’m standing there talking to Other Ellen, and I feel a slight sprinkle. Then it starts drizzling. Then, it starts raining for real.

I don’t know how to explain what an exceptional phenomenon this is for Southern California, except to point out that San Diego (which is only slightly drier than LA) went 181 consecutive days without precipitation in 2003.

It rains an average of 30 to 60 days a year here. For it to start raining at that precise moment just sent me over the edge from pissed off and depressed into hysterical laughter.

There’s just a moment when things move from the terrible to the hysterically funny, and I think the rain was it.

Of course, once the guy finally came back and the tire finally got changed, it then took me an extra 1/2 hour to get home because I ended up taking surface streets instead of the freeway because you can’t go over 55 on a weeny spare tire.

Plus, I get to be late to work tomorrow, because I have to go buy a replacement. But not only do I get to buy one replacement (no no).

I was already planning on saving up for new tires, since you’re supposed to replace your tires about every 50,000 miles, and this car has had the same tires since it rolled off the lot and it has 65,000+.

But I was planning on waiting until I was gainfully employed to make this investment. But now, I get to buy four new tires a bit early.

And of course, this means I’m going to be extremely late for work tomorrow. I even called my boss from the side of the road because I was like fuck it, I already know I’m going to be very, very late.

But at least I don’t have to worry about getting fired now!

2 thoughts on “Bad To The Point Of Ridiculous

  1. Reply Other Ellen Jan 28,2004 5:02 pm

    I, of course, called on that rain in order to make your day seem ridiculous instead of just shitty. When I saw it worked, I called off the aliens. That would just have been overkill I think.

  2. Reply Ellen Jan 29,2004 6:39 am

    well, thanks for that small victory. because i was really not in the mood for a trip to xerknon 5.

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