So Very Tired 4

Vacation backfired.

I’ve been incredibly tired for the last week, because during the two weeks we were on hiatus, I slept at least 10, usually 12 hours a day.

Now that I’m back at work, however, that’s not so much an option, and I’m really starting to feel it. Especially the lack of an afternoon nap.

I’m still usually not getting to bed until at least 2, and I’m fighting my alarm clock with all my might, until I have to sprint out the door without breakfast or I’ll be late.

It’s like having some sort of really weird jetlag, but it’s more like lazy lag: The laziness I develop when I don’t have to do anything is pretty damn solid.

And of course, once you fall into a period of laziness, it’s difficult to break, no matter what the cause. However, if it’s voluntary, it’s a lot harder to break.

I was basically stuck on the couch laying on my left side for 2 months after my two surgeries last year, and by the time I was able to go to work four weeks after my appendix came out, I was so ready to get out of the house I would have done anything to do so.

This time, however, it was a self-imposed slothdom. Voluntary immobilization is a lot harder to break out of, because you’re only stuck at home because of your own laziness.

Hopefully, this will correct itself within the next couple of weeks. Of course, watch it correct itself only to have any possibility of a job at the show fall through and the cycle begin anew with unemployment.

But at least then it’s involuntary, so it’ll be easier to break when I get a job!

Hey, I’m trying to look on the bright side…

4 thoughts on “So Very Tired

  1. Reply Laz Jan 13,2004 7:09 pm

    I get tired after I’m on vacation, too, but for the complete opposite reason. When I’m working, I’m working nights so I can wake up whenever I damn well please. When I’m on vacation, I get very little sleep because I’m out having a life for a change.

  2. Reply Kim Jan 14,2004 2:53 am

    On vacation, we teach Laz things like “breakfast.”

  3. Reply Laz Jan 14,2004 5:58 am

    Ah, yes. I remember that “break fast” thing you showed me last year around New Year’s. That was also the day I was introduced to something called “morning.”

  4. Reply Ellen Jan 14,2004 7:31 am

    *shudder* morning…isn’t it appalling?

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