Mmm…Apple…(drool)… 2

My new computer has arrived!

You’ve all heard me bitching about how much my computer’s been driving me batshit for the last six months, so I finally broke down over the holidays.

I had to tap into some money my late uncle Harry left me, but I kind of felt like it was appropriate to use the money he left me on a computer.

Harry was a great guy, but he was a serious geek. He was a comptuer engineer, and the running joke was that he failed out of college the first time he went because he majored in Bridge.

He was so obsessed with technology that when his doctors told him he had cancer that would likely kill him in six months, one of the first things he did was go out and buy a the best computer made by man at the time.

I figured it would be a fitting tribute to him to go out and get a really souped-up computer with the money he left me. I’m sure he’s shaking his head and laughing somewhere.

For the geekly among you, I got a 15″ powerbook with a 1.25ghz procecessor, a gig of RAM, and a superdrive. For the non-geekly, expensive but totally fucking worth it.

It showed up Wednesday morning, after quite possibly the most roundabout journey possible, made really confusing by time changes.

Allow me to copy down the tracking results from FedEx:

January 6th:

1:28pm – Taiwan – Package Picked Up

2:27pm – Anchorage, AK – Left Fedex Sort Facility

8:26pm – Taiwan – Left Fedex Sort Facility

January 7th:

3:04am – Indianapolis, IN – Arrived Sort Facility

4:42am – Indianapolis, IN – Left Sort Facility

5:48am – Los Angeles, CA – Arrived Sort Facility

8:12am – Marina Del Rey, CA – On Vehicle for Delivery

8:58am – Delivered

So first of all, it looks like it took off from Alaska before it took off from Taiwan, which is only slightly impossible, but since there’s about a 20 hour difference, that’s why.

Then it looks like despite the fact it went from Taiwan to Alaska to Indianapolis to Los Angeles, it only took 20 hours to get to me.

It was all very random, especially since the initial estimate was that it wasn’t going to get to me until Friday, which made sense, since I noted that it had been shipped from Taiwan.

So now I’ve gone ahead and started setting things up, and I’ve got it to the point that I’m sitting on my couch using my little AirPort and watching TV.

It’s supremely weird to be sitting here, with nothing attached to my computer, and still having it work properly. For someone who’s had a desktop for the last few years, it’s liberating.

The only problem is, I’m having problems because this is a New Toy, and whenever I get a New Toy, I have a tendency to get completely absorbed by it (see: TiVo)

So I’m getting nothing else done besides setting this thing up and going to work, and (occasionally) sleeping. Fortunately, I couldn’t be happier about it.

2 thoughts on “Mmm…Apple…(drool)…

  1. Reply TRoyal Jan 10,2004 3:23 pm

    We here at UrbanTherapy applaud the introduction of another Apple product into the world.

  2. Reply Ellen Jan 11,2004 6:42 am

    hee, thanks, Troy (and since you say we, i’ll say thanks to ms. e as well)!

    i here at Adventures in Goat World applaud your applause, and continue to marvel at the supreme coolness of the Exposé feature. the windows just go whooshing around!

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