Irritating 2

You know what annoys me? Well, a lot of things. But this morning, it’s inexplicable pronunciations.

I was semi-watching Headline News, as I do in the mornings, and they had a story about sinusitis. Except they were pronouncing it “sine-you-site-is,” and doing so every 2 seconds.

Not only was the newscaster pronouncing it like that, but so was the Medical Expert Of The Day, who probably told the newscaster that’s how it’s pronounced.

I have always pronounced it (and always heard medical professionals pronounce it) “sinus-itis,” since it’s, you know, an inflamation of the sinuses. Not the sineyouses.

It probably wouldn’t irritate me so much if they weren’t saying it every 2 seconds. But it really got under my skin. But at least it didn’t irritate my sineyouses.

Any pre-meds or bio students want to correct my pronunciation?

2 thoughts on “Irritating

  1. Reply Joel Dec 16,2003 5:52 pm

    According to the good folks at Merriam Webster, it’s pronounced sign-you-sigh-tiss. Guess you’ll just have to get used to it. Sigh-nuss-eye-tiss sounds hilarious to my ear, anyway…

  2. Reply Ellen Dec 17,2003 7:56 am

    *sigh* fine.

    i will agree, if you say “sinus-itis” really fast repeatedly, it does sound really weird. but i still maintain that “sine-you-site-us” sounds a lot fucking weirder.

    even if it is right.

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