My Hope For The Future 4

Someday, I hope that I will be able to prevent myself from watching movies/TV shows with actresses I think are hot, no matter how shitty said movies are.

I’m pretty decent at staying out of theaters for these movies, simply because they’re too expensive (Tomb Raider 2 being a notable exception), but when they’re on TV, I can’t not watch.

Thankfully, to make up for Angelina Jolie‘s recent streak of really, really abominable movies, Clea DuVall (if you saw But I’m A Cheerleader, she’s the super-hot badass chick) has found herself in a pretty damn good TV show called Carniv├ále.

I wasn’t quite sure if it would make up for her involvement in the atrocity that was Ghosts of Mars, but then I watched the mini-marathon HBO ran today, and discovered her character has Major Lesbian Subtext going on, and all was forgiven.

I will also admit that my inner film nerd appreciates the fact that the show is fucked up without veering off into Lynchian territory, but that statement will only make sense to film geeks.

Basically, the show’s just fucked up enough to be really, really entertaining.

Even if you’re not drooling over one of the leads.

4 thoughts on “My Hope For The Future

  1. Reply Ellen Nov 4,2003 8:27 am

    Dave, you’d hit anything that moved. not that i wouldn’t, mind you.

  2. Reply Nate Nov 4,2003 6:41 pm

    Clea DuVall is ugly ugly. And she’s been called ugly, pug-ugly, fugly, pug-fugly. And now UGLY UGLY.

  3. Reply Ellen Nov 5,2003 4:26 am

    yes, i got all of your “FUGLY!” IM’s over the last couple of days, Nate.

    you know, i’m beginning to sense that you and i have a slight difference of opinon on whether Clea DuVall is hot or not…

    you’re entitled to your opinion. and i’m entitled to mock you as an engaged man so whipped you can’t even tell the difference between hot and not. :)

    of course, that’s just my opinion. you’re entitled to mock me as…well, got any good ones?

    (ducks behind a flame-retardant wall)

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