It Is Done 5

I’m not good at delaying decisions. Especially ones that I’ve already made. A bit of explanation is in order.

I had decided a while back that I was going to eventually buy a TiVo. My VCR sucks, and I love television, God help me. I also am a total gadget whore, and this is one seriously cool thingamajig.

However, I had been telling myself that I was going to put this purchase off, because I’m currently begging (my father), borrowing (from my savings), and stealing (candy from babies) to be able to pay my bills.

However, after messing with one on Friday at work and reading Laz’s ringing endorsement of the devices when I got home, I thought, fuck it, they’re giving a $50 rebate and November Sweeps (aka Ratings Whore Central) is about to start, why not just get one now?

So I breifly waffled, and ended up “soliciting advice” from several people. In reality, as Other Ellen astutely pointed out, I was basically just looking for someone to vindicate a decision that I had already made.

I’ve realized that if I’m tired and have no incentive to go out, I’m usually so tired that I prefer to stay in and watch TV. So if I’m gonna do that, it might as well be good TV.

I think the main deciding factor in just saying fuck it and getting the thing already was that I figured I might as well not wait, since I was going to get it anyway, and the main question was, “How guilty am I going to feel about purchasing it when I do?”

The money aspect of it is, I admit, pretty stupid. But despite my financial straits, my credit cards are paid off, and even with this splurge, will continue to be (though at the expense of my savings). I decided a slight bit of financial irresponsibility can slide in that situation.

So we’ll see how badly this comes back to bite me in the ass. Hopefully, I’ll be glad that I did because I’ll have some fabulous job at the show, but I’ll be working 8 gazillion hours a week and I’ll never actually see anything when it airs.

Or it could just be something besides my bed for the repo men to take when I run out of money. Either way, it’ll be at least somewhat useful.

5 thoughts on “It Is Done

  1. Reply Laz Oct 27,2003 8:07 pm


    Congratulations! Your life is about to change.

    Seriously. It’s kinda sad, but true. TiVo’s THAT good.

  2. Reply Ellen Oct 28,2003 9:05 am

    why am i beginning to suspect i’ve been convinced to join a cult?…

  3. Reply TRoyal Oct 28,2003 2:24 pm

    Any cult with Laz as a member is a scary-ass cult…

  4. Reply Laz Oct 29,2003 1:45 am


  5. Reply Ellen Oct 29,2003 7:18 am

    Laz, if you dye your hair gray and develop a propensity for black Nikes, i’m going to be even more frightened than i already am.

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