Okay, this happened Saturday afternoon, but the more I think about it the more it bothers me, so I feel a need to post about it.

I was at work and there were two middle-aged Jewish women and the 13 or 14-year old daughter of one of them sitting at a table. They gave me the world’s most obnoxious order (take everything out, then put a bunch of other shit on), so they were already annoying me.

I’m required to suggest a dessert, something I usually do by turning around our handy-dandy little appetizer on one side, dessert menu on the other card to reveal the dessert menu. So I went over and turned the card around and said here’s our dessert menu.

Complete Bitch: Oh, we’re all on a diet.

Me: Well, that’s okay, I just wanted to show you the menu.

Complete Bitch: (pointing to picture of chocolate souffl√© cake √† la mode) This used to be my daughter’s favorite dessert anymore. But she can’t have it anymore because she’s getting FAT and if she keeps eating it she’s going to keep getting FAT. She’s on a DIET.

Me: (too busy picking my jaw up off the floor to speak).

I had to walk away just to prevent myself from slapping the woman. I shot the poor girl my best “I’m so sorry your mom’s such a heinous bitch” look. And I’m sorry, the kid was not fat, period. She wasn’t a stick figure, but that doesn’t mean she’s overweight.

I wanted to say, “Congratulations, lady! You’ve just given your kid an eating disorder, if she didn’t already have one!”

People like this make me want to call DCFS. Yes, encourage your kids to eat healthy. But constantly reminding your kids that they’re fat is not healthy, mentally or physically.

Arrrgh. Some days I wonder about humanity….

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