I’m Sorry, What?

I’m sort of glad my Vicodin is about to run out. Not because of its painkilling properties…those I’m decidedly gonna miss. The problem is that it’s been screwing with my memory so badly, I need to get off it.

I’ve been pretty much stoned for the last week, I realized. Just poppin’ the pills to rid myself of the pain, and layin’ back and watching some fucked-up movies on DVD or just plain bad movies on Cable. The pain has decreased enough for me to realize how fucked my head is.

I’m losing myself in the middle of sentences, losing conversations halfway through, forgetting facts I should know (like, say, my roomate and his friend can’t come watch Six Feet Under on Sunday nights because they’re both working on the Daily on Sunday nights until about 2am…and have been for months).

And before you say it, I actually am doing these things more often than I normally do. My memory isn’t that great to begin with, but it’s just been atrocious lately.

Hopefully, when I switch over to handfuls of Advil in a couple days, that will do the non-mind-bending trick.

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