Raging Against The Machine (And Winning!)

So I thought I had officially lost my mind completely today. Turns out I’m still just the garden-variety nutjob I’ve always been.

I recently purchased the first season box set of Six Feet Under DVDs, and I was trying to figure out how in the hell to access the fourth episode.

Now, if you look at the packaging, it looks like the first four episodes are on disc one, because they’re all listed in a nice big black box that says “DISC ONE,” and the rest of the episodes also seem to be listed disc-by-disc.

So after watching the first three episodes and not being tired, I tried to access episode four. Except I couldn’t figure out where the hell I was supposed to go to access it. I was fucking around with the DVD for 10 minutes, muttering and cursing at it, and couldn’t find anything.

I felt like Ozzy Osbourne, fucking around with the giant remote and cursing “this fucking space-age crap.”

Figuring this was a common problem, I came to the computer to try and figure out what the hell I was doing wrong. I IMed everyone that was online to see if anyone else had these discs, and nobody did. I did end up having the following amusing conversation:

Me: it’s driving me nuts! :)

Megan: i’m really not seeing how this could be too difficult, especially for someone who works with all kinds of fancy film machinery stuff

Me: the problem is in the design of the menus…there doesn’t seem to be an option to access the 4th episode

Me: of course, i say that because i can’t operate it :)

Me: clearly, this is someone else’s problem

I seriously began to think I was losing it for a minute or two. I graduated from fucking film school five months ago, and I couldn’t even operate a damn DVD player. I poked around on Google and HBO’s website, trying to find answers, and nothing.

Then something occured to me: Maybe it’s on disc two.

I put the disc in, and when I hit the episode index, voila! Four episodes, including the infernal one that purported to be on the first disc.

I still feel like something of a dumbass for not thinking of that sooner. However, I feel comforted because when I showed Katy the packaging, and asked “Which disc would you think Episode 4 is on, looking at this?” she answered disc one.

See, I’m not totally insane! Just stupid!

Oh, wait…

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