War Can Be Funny

I’m watching CNN, and a story they keep going back to is a group of Marines a CNN guy (I think Peter Arnett, but I’m not sure) is embedded with who are trying to take down yet another Saddam statue, but this one refuses to come down.

They had tried tearing it down by chaining it to a tank, and that didn’t work, so they thought, “Hey, let’s use some C4 and blow the legs out from under it!” They put a shitload of explosives on it, and lit a five-minute fuse.

CNN cut in with about 2 minutes left on the fuse, and as the anchor was talking to the reporter, the explosives went off…and there was then the sound of laughter, both from the troops and from the CNN reporter.

The smoke cleared and so did the reason for the laughter: They didn’t make the statue fall, but it did blow a sizeable chunk out of the statue’s…pelvic area.

Trying to supress laughter, the CNN reporter said to the anchor in Kuwait, “Well, I guess they’re going to have to try something else.”


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