Hilarious Insult To Injury

I was cleaning up my desk and I found something I had forgotten to write about, since I was kind of pissed about it at the time:

When the Braves rejected me, they mailed me a letter with the usual blah blah blah thanks for interviewing but we’ve gone another direction. Except the letter, while in an envelope addressed to me, was not mine.

They sent me someone else’s rejection letter.

At first I was really pissed about it, since I was all pissy about not getting the job in the first place and was like, “Oh wow, they must really respect me to send me the wrong damn rejection letter.” In retrospect, however, it’s hilarious.

Especially because the Braves got swept at home by the Expos and then lost 17-1 to the Marlins(!) on Saturday. They did manage to beat the Marlins in the other two games, but reasonably competent apes could take 2 out of 3 from the Marlins this season.

Seems like that voodoo curse I put on them worked….mwahahahahaha!

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