Not What I Had In Mind

I’m quitting my job immediately, not in two weeks. I had been looking for an excuse to do this, but the reason I’m doing so is not the reason I would have preferred: I fear for my safety.

Four guys, about 19 or 20, came into the bar. They wanted to know if they could smoke while they waited for their cab. I told them sure. They said they had been drinking at [bar where underage people frequently drink] and this immediately raised a red flag.

They asked what the cheapest beer I had was, I said 2.50 for MGD. They scraped the money together, I asked for ID, which they claimed they forgot. I said you can stay and smoke, but I can’t serve you any alcohol. So they each ordered water.

They rambled at me about alchol for a while, asking prices for shots of various types of alcohol. One guy talked for some time about what a huge alcoholic he was, that they’d have to send him to AAAA, not just AA.

They seemed like a nice bunch of guys. In retrospect, I am clearly a poor judge of character.

After they left the bar, the cabdriver showed up some time later, at which time these four proceeded to rob him at knifepoint.

I found out about this when a cop came into the bar and said “Do you remember the four black guys who came in here earlier?” and when I said yeah, sort of, he told me what happened.

I can’t remember anything specific about them. I remember one was wearing a coat with fur lining, I remember they all had brown eyes (but really, how many black guys have blue eyes?), I remember a couple of them wearing winter hats. But that’s it.

When people start drunkenly rambling at me, I tune them out almost completely. I’m not good at giving descriptions of people in general, especially people I have never met and am pretty much ignoring.

I felt really bad, because if I were the cabdriver, I’d be exceedingly pissed at me, the asshole bartender who served these clowns for 20 minutes and remembers nothing about them.

Fortunately, these four were apparently caught by the police (I had told them, truthfully, that I could not make a positive ID on any of them). However, I found out that they’re part of a larger group of suspects in a string of robberies against this particular cab company.

The company, of course, is one of the only ones without a Plexiglass barrier between the front and backseats in every cab.

The fact that there’s a larger group of suspects does not make me feel good. If these guys think I’m the one who ID’d them, they know where I work. And “the short fat white chick” at my hotel fits pretty much one person (even without the clarification of “bartender”): Me.

If any of the co-conspirators find out where I work, I’m seriously concerned that I’m gonna get threatened with a knife or a gun.

The security in my hotel is…lacking, to say the least. I won’t elaborate, but suffice it to say that I feel the security measures they have in place are woefully inadequate, especially if I’m really worried about getting shot.

At first it didn’t affect me, but the more I think about it, the more concerned I get. And I can’t have this.

I put in my two weeks’ notice today, but I’m going in to talk to the manager tomorrow and saying look, I know I said two weeks, but I fear for my safety, and when I fear for my safety simply by going to work, I’m quitting the job.

So that’s what I’m doing, getting up tomorrow morning (if I manage to get to sleep before the manager comes in) and going in and quitting. And nothing the dumbass manager can say will change my mind.

And I’m probably going out of town to get away from this place for a few days. I’ve had so much go kerflooey in the last few days (including a few things that I haven’t posted here simply because there’s too much else) I need to physically run from my problems, at least for a while.

Ugh. I’m going to try and go to bed. We’ll see if I succeed.

And I promise, once life gets more lighthearted, I’ll start posting funny things again.

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