Brief Recap

Looks like I kind of misplaced my blog for a couple of days. Let me briefly bring you up to speed:

I felt much better Thursday, so I worked Thursday and Friday. Friday kind of sucked because there was a “Trashy Prom” being held upstairs for a couple sororities, and since alcohol was being sold there, pretty much all I sold was shots of Jaegermeister.

It was weird, there was nobody in the bar at 8pm, and by 9:45, it was packed. I called Mark to rescue me from the boredom, and by the time he showed up, I was barely keeping up with the insanity. Gotta love those nights.

And pretty much all I did was clean up ashtrays, since people came into the bar to smoke since they couldn’t smoke upstairs and it was too cold to smoke outside. Yay. They pretty much made a giant mess, bought a couple shots of Jaeger, and left. Whee.

Plus I got stuck doing end of the month inventory until 3:30am, which would make that an 11 hour day.

Tonight I went and saw Margaret Cho, who was very funny, although it was the first night of her new tour, so it seemed like she was still getting the show completely down. She is piss-your-pants funny when she’s right on, and she wasn’t quite there tonight. She was still hilarious though.

Tomorrow I’m going to Atlanta for my interview with the Braves, and I’m really, really trying not to get my hopes up too high, even though I really, really fucking want this job.

I just want to tell the interviewier, “Look, I will do anything for this job. Anything. I will not sleep, I will not eat, I will do nothing but live Braves baseball for the next six months if you hire me, and I’d be fucking ecstatic to do it.”

However, I don’t really want to come off as too desperate, so that line is probably not going to be uttered. Also unlikely is the resurrection of the “Pleasepleasepleaseplease” (x1,000,000) technique that worked so well on my parents.

I’ll just emphasize my professionalism, my enthusiasm, and my qualifications.

And if that doesn’t work, I’ll beg.

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