Ho. Lee. Shit.

I just got a phone call from the Atlanta Braves…I have a job interview with them a week from Monday!

This was a job I thought I was rejected for long ago, since it was allegedly supposed to start in January. But apparently each department has discretion as to when to hire people, and A/V is looking now.

If I get this job, I have to drop everything and move to Atlanta, because I have to be ready to go for the 2 exhibition games at the end of March…believe me, I wouldn’t bitch, because this would be a fucking awesome job…but wow…

They also told me I’m one of only three or four people they called back out of a field of a whole lot more…wow. I’m so giddy. Must not get hopes up too high, but god damn this would be a cool job.

Must make phone calls…

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