Forgot to post updates for the last couple days. Let me bring you up to speed.

I just got back from working the Car Show Gala at McCormick Place convention center in downtown Chicago. If you click the link, I was tending bar right across from that silver concept car, but you can’t see where I was in that picture.

It was a First Look For Charity thing (since the Car Show doesn’t officially open until tomorrow), so it was kind of fun. Made good money, bruised the living shit out of my hands opening several dozen bottles of wine, and decided I definitely need to find a good quality wine opener.

The one thing (other than the shitty wine opener) that really annoyed me was this woman who tried to get me to serve her more alcohol after we announced we were closed. The supervisor was standing right by me, so I obviously couldn’t, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

She even offered me a few bucks, but I was like, okay, let me make this crystal clear: If I serve you now, I will get fired. I would love to take your money and give you the wine, but I will be fired for serving you more alcohol, and I need this job.

She got all huffy and said “Well, obviously this is the first show that you’ve worked!” as she walked away. Ah, people who think money can buy them anything they goddamn well please. But other than that lovely (insert your favorite derogatory phrase here), it was fun.

Also in the good news department, I got hired part-time by the Best Western here in Evanston. It has the distinct advantage of being directly across the street from my apartment, so basically I can roll out of bed and go to work.

The hourly pay is good, but I’m told by my friend Eric (who hired me, but put in his 2 weeks’ notice today) the tips are not so, since it’s across the street from three much better bars. However, I’m not going to complain, because some employment is better than none, and I need the experience.

Eric, by the way, re-inaugurates the Golden God Of The Month Award, which I haven’t given out for the last couple of months since, well, I didn’t really have one. However, saving me from the depths of complete unemployment is cause for award-giving.

Everything else has been pretty much not calling me back, but hopefully I’ll find something else at least part-time, because this will not be enough to pay my bills. Not even my telephone bills, which are much less than my automobills. Damn automo…

I’m starting training at the BW tomorrow, but I’m only going to be there until 9pm, since I’m also having an Anti-Valentine’s party tomorrow night. I’m wondering how many people are going to show up since it’s supposed to snow about 6 inches here throughout the day.

And that’s really about it for the last few days. Sat around, watched episodes of British Queer As Folk, applied for more jobs, called and was told to call back about other jobs, not really a whole lot going on. Anyway, I’m sure there will be more entertaining stories this weekend.

And now, to continue shuffling around like Ozzy Osbourne from killing my back opening all that goddamn wine…

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