Since I decided to go on a diet, I figured I probably ought to have an accurate scale.

The one that has inhabited my apartment for the last few months has this unfortunate tendency to tell you different weights (10-15 pounds lighter or heavier) depending on how you stand on it. I bought it for four bucks at Target over the summer, so it figures.

It does give me false encouragement every once in a while, telling me I’ve randomly dropped 10 pounds between trips to the evil beast, although this is pretty much impossible given the laws of physics.

Conversely, it probably erroneously discourages me as well, which is a nice thought, but I’d much rather have an accurate reading than sit around playing Guess My Own Weight. Because when it’s just me, I can’t win a stuffed animal.

I went and bought the fifteen buck model this afternoon. Hopefully this one will give me something resembling an accurate reading of my weight. Although I’m not sure I want to know my accurate weight at this point…

However, if I do end up losing weight, I would like to know the exact measure of my success. It does help to be encouraged, ya know.

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