Well, for some reason, when I woke up Saturday, I wasn’t sick anymore, at least not virus-sick. Watching CNN all day yesterday (Living in a cave? Read this.) was not the greatest idea to improve my mental health, but that wasn’t really to be helped.

It was very, very strange. I had felt so sick all day Thursday and Friday, I thought this weekend was going to be a total waste. I had gone to the health service only to be told that it was probably a viral infection (and that it wasn’t anemia or mono).

Going to the health service was an adventure in and of itself. It’s only about a half mile walk, but there and back I felt like I had just walked four miles each way. All they gave me was some decongestants and good wishes, and took $105 and two vials of blood.

After the tremendous physical exertion of making my bed Friday night, I laid down on it and couldn’t get up for 10 minutes because I was so tired. It bit.

Then Saturday, as soon as I got up, I felt a thousand times better. No reason, just felt fine, all of a sudden.

It was especially weird to feel so much better physically while feeling kind of depressed. I consider myself something of a space nerd, although my nerddom is more confined to the Apollo-era space program. I probably know more about the Mercury program than about the Shuttle era.

I don’t remember a damn thing about Challenger other than the videos I’ve seen replayed (I was four and a half when it happened), so it was really weird to see something like the reverse of those videos playing out over and over and over again on CNN all day.

But eventually, I turned off the television, because I just couldn’t watch anymore, and I decided to feel decent about feeling better, because there wasn’t a damn thing I could do otherwise.

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