Dept. Of Whining

I’m sick. Waaaaaaaah!

I think I’m coming down with what Katy had last week, because I have the same initial symptoms (severe fatigue, fever, dehydration, severe nasal congesiton, and sneezing). Fortunately, what she had was bacterial, so as soon as she started taking penicillin she felt better.

So I actually hope I have what she had. Otherwise, it’s viral, and hence will be extremely problematic. It’s kind of hard to apply for jobs when you feel like death, sound like Kermit The Frog, and look like a junkie (I get really bad black circles under my eyes when I’m sick).

Blah. I have pulled out one final stop, though: I rented a movie. Every time I get sick, if I make plans based on the fact that I will still be sick the next day, I am inevitably better.

So I went and rented Gettysburg (which I’ve been meaning to see because it’s based on my favorite book, The Killer Angels), because it’s over four hours long and when else am I going to watch a ridiculously long movie but when I’m sick?

Okay, possibly the rest of this time that I’ve been unemployed and lazy, but otherwise, when?

So we’ll see how that works. Until I see whether it works, however, I reserve the right to bitch and moan and whine and eat chicken soup and claim that Chinese food has restorative powers.

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