Back To The Future

I’m sort of jumping around in the time-space continuum as I continue to finish up writing about the end of my roadtrip, since I didn’t have internet access for almost 10 days (which for me, is a ridiculous period of time, proving that I need a laptop).

So let me bring you all up to speed on what’s happening right now.

– I got rejected for the final outstanding Real Job I had applied for before I left, but right now I’m thinking that’s not really such a bad thing, since I’m thinking I just got out of college, why in the world do I want to rush into sticking myself behind a desk?

– Following that line of logic, and also the logic that you can make a fuckload of money bartending, I’m currently in bartending school, learning all sorts of trade secrets and trying to memorize a ridiculous number of drinks.

– I’ve started playing the guitar a lot more than I was during school. I’ve actually practiced every day for about the last two weeks, something I have not been able to say since early in my freshman year of college.

– I have actually relaxed for once, which has the utterly bizarre side effect of bringing out a dormant Southern Accent, which I’m not entirely sure where it came from. My dad grew up in Atlanta, and his has come roaring back since he moved there, and every time I talk to him, mine comes out.

This drove my ex nuts. I’d call her after I got off the phone with my dad and say something like, “Hey huhney, how are yew all doin’ over there?” and she’d say, “You’ve been talking to your dad, haven’t you?” I’d hang my head in shame and say, “Yep.”

But now it’s gotten weirder. Some days it’s so thick, it’s worse than my dad’s. It was really bad when we were in Las Vegas. People must have thought I was from Alabama or Northern Louisiana (it clearly wasn’t a N’awlins accent).

Some days I speak in my good old neutral Washington, D.C. accent. D.C. is neutral because all the accents coming together from all over the country (and all over the world, really) cancel each other out and you end up with Generic American.

When I went to sign up for bartending school, the woman I had to pay tuititon to asked where I was from, because she said my accent sounded like a weird combination of Southern and British. D.C. surprised her, though when I told her my folks were Atlanta and Connecticut raised, she claimed this made more sense.

I’m finished with bartending school a week from monday, and I’ll update y’all (ack! there I go again!) on where I’m working. I’m currently debating what sort of establishment I should work in (sports bar or Irish pub seem to be front runners), but whatever. I’ll find something.

I must say, however, that it is really nice to be finished with College. This is kind of a weird period where I really have no responsibility to anyone except myself, and I think I’m going to take full advantage of it while it lasts.

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