They have this thing on VH1 called “Most Outrageous Game Show Moments,” which is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Years and years of wrong answers, slip ups, etc., packed into one hilarious hour.

I just about fell off the couch at this exchange, between the host of the British version of Family Feud and the guy in the lightning round:

Host: Name something you bring to the beach.

Man: Turkey.

Host (trying not to laugh): The first thing you buy at the grocery store.

Man: Turkey.

Host (laughing his ass off): Something you stuff.

Man: Turkey!

Naturally, he got zero points for the first two and something like 21 for the last, since apparently in Britain they stuff chicken more often than turkey.

It airs again at 10pm central tonight, and I’d do it if you need a laugh. Hell of a lot better than watching the news.

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