More Trip Updates to Come

However, not right now, because I have a pretty good buzz on from going to the Wild Hare, a very good reggae club in Chicago where my roommate Katy met Joe, her current boyfriend.

It’s a great club with really good music (and props to the guitarist tonight, I saw he has the exact same wine red Strat I have), and a really chill vibe. And they also have a lot of Red Stripe beer, which I partook of in decent enough quantities to get a good solid buzz going.

I thought I was getting the I Wanna Dance With You vibes from one woman, but I was also getting the If You Fuck With Me I’ll Knock Your Teeth Out vibes, so I didn’t ask her to dance, but then she ended up pretty much getting it on with this one guy, so I guess it was good I didn’t ask her to dance…

Then there was another woman who looked like a cross between Laura (The Ex) and Eddie Izzard. She gave off a bit of a vibe but I was like, um, no. I like Eddie Izzard, but not that much.

Then there was another woman who I thought might be giving me vibes, and by the point in the evening she showed up I was drunk enough to ask her to dance. I got shot down, but whatever. She was probably straight anyway, and that doesn’t really count to me in the shoot-down count.

The one downside is that it’s really loud there when the live bands are playing and I forgot to bring my earplugs, so consequently I can’t hear a goddamn thing right now. Oh well.

Anyhoo, off to bed, further updates on my road trip later!

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