I’m home…finally. Sorry for the lack of posting for the last few days, I didn’t have computer access for a week and I’m very burned out right now. I tried to post from my uncle Jimmy’s house in Springfield, but something got fucked on blogger and it wouldn’t let me post.

Anyhoo, I’m way too dead to post right now, but here’s a few keywords as a preview of what’s to come:

Salt Lake, alone, movies, Vegas, Jim Beam, gambling vs. clubbing, dentists, Mississippi, gordita, ear popping, Hoover Dam, the long way, Grand Canyon, meteor crater, Roswell, Worst Smelling Stretch Of Highway In America, overshooting, Ok-la-ho-ma, speeding strategies, hotels, relatives, friends, and coming home.

And sketchiness. Above all in Vegas, sketchiness.

Let’s put it this way. On the 30th, Cleo said, “You know, nothing really sketchy has happened so far this trip.” She meant this as a good thing, so of course, that came back to bite her (and the rest of us) square in the ass.

This was a fantastic road trip, and I’ll try and get the story of the whole thing out in dribs and drabs over the next few days. Right now, however, I need sleep…which will be happening in my own bed for the first time in three weeks. Night!

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