On The Road Again…

I’m heading back to SLC tomorrow to drop off daddy-o at the airport there. His flight leaves at 8am on Friday, which means I have to have him at the airport at 6am. Personally, I think he’s lost his mind.

He says he has to leave this early because of the time change because he wants to get back to Atlanta in time to get a couple of things done. I, of course, being a serious non-morning person, say fuck that, if you want to get things done, take the redeye.

Of course, he also booked 8am flights and insisted we be at the airport at 6am whenever we came from DC out to Idaho…so I suspect his logic has just a wee trace of total bullshit in it.

Anyway, after that, I’m off to Las Vegas…unsure of when I’m heading down there because of potential weather issues, but I’ll be there on Sunday, and supposedly I’ll have computer access there, so I’ll definitely send something from there.

God damn, I need a laptop. Not just for this (I hasten to add, so as not to look like a total loser), but so I can look at weather and stuff and figure out where to go so I don’t slide off the road and such.

And of course, for things like this.

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