I have, in my posession, one of the largest potatoes I have ever seen.

It weighs 3.11 pounds (according to the grocery store receipt), and is approximately the size of a football. Looking at it in the grocery bag, where you can’t see the telltale color and texture, you’d think it was a squash.

I purchased it to bring it back to Chicago and show the non-believers that yes, they really do grow ’em this big in Idaho. To give an idea of what we get in Chicago, they sell potatoes in five-pound bags.

I’ve spoken to a number of my friends about the purchase of what I have dubbed the Spud Stud, and reaction has been somewhat mixed:


REACTION TWO: “Isn’t that going to rot before you get back to Chicago?” (No, potatoes stay good for long periods of time.)

REACTION THREE: “That’s awesome! Do you have a digital camera?!”

I think the best idea ended up being the idea of getting pictures of just a hand holding the potato up in front of various Las Vegas landmarks. Or possibly just the Spud sitting at a slot machine.

But there will be pictures. Oh, yes, there will be pictures.

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