You know, I tried to type a bunch of this shit yesterday, and what happens? The second I try to post, Blogger crashed AOL, eating the post and severing my connection. Figures.

Anyway, I have finally managed to make it out to Idaho in one piece, only taking five days and 1900 miles of driving. I picked up my dad in Salt Lake yesterday, and we drove up pretty much without incident.

Although I don’t like listening to my dad criticize my driving for several hours, it is nice to have someone else in the car, if only to notice things that you can’t notice when you’re trying to keep your eyes on, you know, the road.

Like the sign at the end of someone’s driveway just outside of Twin Falls, Idaho: “El Rancho Costa Plente.” After fifteen years of watching such asinine signs as “Judge Ranch” pop up on the drive to Sun Valley, this was a welcome retort.

It’s also nice to be back where they have real Idaho Potatoes instead of the impostors they sell at Jewel. Putting aside the link for the moment, the potatoes they sell here are 3-4 times the size of the ones that make it back to Chicago.

The one thing that really seems to be getting to me is the thin air. I think it’s thinning my brain cells, because I’m having a hell off a time forming coherent thoughts. Then again, it could be that I haven’t really slept that much or that well since I left, so I dunno.

Speaking of which, I think I’m gonna shove off to bed, but tune in tomorrow for my riff on why, if I hadn’t taken up skiing when I was two, there’s absolutely no way in hell I’d be doing it now.

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