Oh wait, an actual story!

I got my flu shot today, since I had to go pick up a prescription at Searle and there were about 4,000 signs saying GET YOUR FUCKING FLU SHOT, and I thought, “Huh, maybe I should get my flu shot…”

I got one freshman year, right as I was getting over some really disgusting bronchitis, and got mild flu from it. So sophomore year, I decided not to, and of course, got a really nasty, don’t-feel-like-getting-out-of-bed-for-four-days flu.

I hate getting shots, partially because of the needle, but mainly because I’m unusually susceptible to deadarm.

Deadarm is that weird feeling you get in your arm when you get a shot, when it suddenly becomes very noodly and you can’t really control it quite as well as you’d like. Though most people only get it from a couple of shots, I get it from everything.

The worst was the Hepititis B vaccine…you have to get three shots for that one, and every time, I couldn’t feel my arm for 2 days. Tetanus is what I recall being second worst, with the same two-day period, just not repeated thrice within a year.

Today was fun, because I went to stop by a bake sale that some of my friends in Rainbow Alliance were running to try and raise money to send a group to the Alphabet Soup Conference, and I had to try and hold cookies and a brownie in my left hand without dropping them. That was entertaining.

Well, it was entertaining to me, at least. To them it probably just looked like I was holding cookies and a brownie. However, they didn’t see me go to scratch my eyebrow outside as I was walking back to my bike and almost poke myself in the eye.

Now that would have been funny.

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