For Linz

Lindsay asks if people joking about the heat when it’s unbelievably cold is a DC thing.

My reply as a D.C. native: No Linz, it’s not a D.C. thing, it’s a clinically insane people thing. However, since D.C. has way more than its fair share of clinically insane people it seems like a D.C. thing.

The dirty litte secret of our nation’s capital is that most people don’t stay in the area more than 5 or 6 years, if that. Some because they can’t stomach it, a whole hell of a lot because their politically dependent jobs have evaporated with the next election.

So anything that initially seems like a D.C. thing can almost always be blamed on something else, because the vast majority of people in D.C. are not D.C. people, they’re just interlopers pretending to be such.

Ok, rant off. For now…

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