The heat problems in our apartment have been mostly fixed. I can actually still feel my fingers despite the fact that I’ve been doing work in my room for hours.

The problem tonight is that I have really poor circulation in my feet (seeing as how they have to carry a great deal more weight than they’re meant to), and occasionally they turn into blocks of ice.

I’ve discovered a solution I wish I had discovered earlier: going into the living room, where the most accessible (and hottest) radiator is located, and placing my feet either directly on it or while still in my slippers, to provide a bit of a buffer.

After about ten minutes, my feet are warm enough to get me through at least another hour of typing the World’s Dumbest Paper (topic: Why I Wanted To Defend Hook But Can’t).

Of course, I could just put on socks, but that wouldn’t give me an excuse to run screaming from my computer once every hour or two and relieve the stress and at least a bit of the eye strain. God damn, I need an LCD monitor…

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