Definitely not going back to that Steak ‘N’ Shake

Apparently, our waitress was not the only one high as a kite last night. To wit:

Eddy: i am actually just reading your weblog right now

Eddy: the joys of skokie

Me: :)

Eddy: what time were you at steak and shake last night?

Me: about 1am or so

Me: why, were you there at some point too :)

Eddy: wow – yeah, 230

Eddy: i had the same waitress i think

Eddy: it took a half hour to get a glass of water

Me: haha, that’s hilarious

Me: kinda short with like blondish hair?

Eddy: wow, what a coinky-dink it would havebeen

Me: and a deer-in-the-headlights look?

Eddy: no, african american with longish hair, kinda young looking, but still the same deer-in-the-headlights look

Eddy: we though a dollar tip was too much

There must be a meth lab in the break room or something…

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