No more!

I respectfully request that people stop sending me that goddamn scary picture of Michael Jackson that’s been floating around the internet. I had at least five people send it to me yesterday, all referencing different sites.

It is the scariest picture ever. It was taken as he testified yesterday in his defense against a lawsuit he backed out of two millenium concerts, costing the promoter millions.

It looks like another piece of his oft-modified nose has quite literally fallen off, and he’s got facial hair that forms what he seems to believe is a goatee, but which really looks like it’s been drawn on with a pencil. This is just disturbing.

I will not link it here because I do not wish the few people that read this site to go blind, but if you’re terribly interested, use the link on the right side of the page to go to E! News.

I take no responsibility for the side effects of seeing this picture.

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