Sauna Time!

My heat hasn’t been working particularly well for the last few weeks. I got tired of my landlord sending the super, who clearly can’t fix the heat, over to try and fix it again and again, and finally, after threatening him with calling the health department on him, he called a professional heating guy.

The heating guy called me to set up a time, and he came first thing this morning. He managed to figure out that there’s something controlling the cycles of the boiler, causing it to shut off before the radiators are generating sufficient heat to actually heat my apartment.

Apparently, my apartment is the only one with this problem, since we’re the only ones who complained. But it was fuckin’ fifty-nine degrees in here, and my roommates and I were waking up repeatedly in the middle of the night because we were so cold.

So the heating guy says, “Well, I’m gonna just let the heat run until I can get into Conrad (my landlord)’s office and see what’s causing this to happen,” which he says will be sometime this afternoon.

This is fine with me, because it’s a hell of a lot easier to crack a window than it is to go out and have to buy more goddamn blankets because it’s so cold in here I’m starting to run out.

Unfortunately, this solution makes the building ridiculously hot, and Conrad got a bunch of angry phone calls from people who thought they were living in a sauna, and the radiator of the people upstairs started leaking, which made the ceiling in Katy’s room leak, as well.

So now I don’t know what the deal is. I haven’t heard the boiler kick on all night, but it’s still much warmer in here than it has been in weeks. So who knows, this may not be over yet.

I just can’t believe it’s this fucking complicated to get a building to a decent, livable temperature.


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