Ms. Shapiro and the Vicious Circle

I have got to stop falling asleep mid-afternoon.

I get tired in the middle of the afternoon, especially after I eat, so I take a nap. So then I’m not tired at night, and I’m up til 4am.

Which means I get tired in the middle of the afternoon.

God damn it. This, more than anything, is why I need a real job: less opportunity for loafing.

When I was working over the summer, this didn’t happen. Well, other than a couple of incidents of low-grade narcolepsy during days where nothing was going on. But for the most part, I could actually stay awake all day, because I slept all night.

Drinking a double-shot mocha at 11pm probably didn’t help tonight, though…

Perhaps I just need to stop being a moron. Except life is significantly easier when you’re a moron, because you have quite a bit less responsibility.

Which means fuck it, I’m taking a nap tomorrow afternoon. So there.


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