Revenge Of The Appetite

I was so stressed out after my looooong weekend, that I basically didn’t eat much at all from Sunday night until last night.

For me, this is a clear sign of stress, because anyone who has met me can tell immediately that I really like food. A lot. Probably more than I should. Thus, not eating anything should have been a clear sign I needed to relax.

So Wednesday night, I was sitting at my computer after, well, basically unwinding all night. I went and got coffee with Megan, then I went to a movie and then ended up talking to my friend Jon for an hour. I came home and screwed around for about two hours, instead of actually getting anything accomplished.

Then all of a sudden, at about two a.m., it happened.


My appetite came back, and all four days of not eating right at once. My stomach was practically screaming “FEED ME!”

I pretty much jumped up from the computer to go get food from the kitchen. Then I had a decent sized lunch, but when dinnertime came tonight, it wasn’t just the traditional low rumble, but what sounded like cattle stampeding.

I was seriously afraid my stomach was going to get up and go to the kitchen without me. I managed to hold that off by promising it ribs at Merle’s, which held it off until I was able to actually go and get said ribs.

However, I fear that all the control of my appetite that I had been gaining for the few weeks before last weekend may be gone, since now I just want to eat everything in sight, including plastics.

Oh well. Now where the hell did I put those cookies?

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