Only in America

A woman is suing Costco because they fired her for wearing facial piercings to work.

The grounds? She belongs to the Church Of Body Modification, thus her piercings are an expression of her religion and thereby due protection under the 1st amendment.

I passed this on to a couple of my puncturing-enthusiast friends, to use as they saw fit (i.e., to not get fired).

I did manage to restrain myself from sending it along to The Ex, who used to spend a lot of time on this site, trying to figure out what sorts of objects she could shove through her earlobe to make the hole bigger (she got it about this big before she dumped me. And yes, that thing is filling the hole, not just sitting in front of a much smaller one).

I, for one, am not a big fan even of the concept of shoving a large metal bar through various areas of skin, but hey, I think piercing enthusiasts deserve the constitutional protection to be able to look like pincushions and freak people out at their jobs if they want.

I may be something of a square, but I’m still all in favor of freaking out the squares. Or at the very least freaking out the old farts.

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