Don’t read this if you taped ER tonight

(Or if you don’t give two shits about ER/film nerdiness, since this will likely bore you to death.)

Ok, eeeeeeew. I cannot believe they did that.

For those who don’t watch, or at least don’t watch anymore, they had Romano have his arm accidentally chopped off by a helicopter rotor in severely disgusting slow-motion.

This occured while I was eating. I just about spit out my oreos.

I can understand the need for having a lot of blood on a doctor show, but that was just ridiculous. Especially, after the commercial break, the crane down to the bloody stump just sitting on the ground, then holding on it for about ten seconds just to remind us, “Hey, wasn’t that disgusting?”

During subsequent scenes, the actors were waving the damn thing around like it was a fucking flag or something. It was absolutely ridiculous, and really poorly shot and edited.

Remember kids, things are scarier when they are not constantly shoved in your face. By the end of the episode, it had gotten more ridiculous than disgusting. The whole thing was done just wrong, wrong, wrong.

The episode was pretty much mediocre otherwise, but that part just disturbed me. It’s everything that’s wrong with the show in a nutshell: Completely ridiculous plot development, poorly written, poorly shot, poorly edited.


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