Karmic Justice does exist

So I found out some iiiiiiiinteresting news today: This total asshole who I got stuck working with on a video production project and just about beat to death with a gobo arm got himself in a wee smidge of trouble.

Now I must mention before I begin that he has done other things other than piss me and my partner off to deserve my spite.

Namely, getting kicked out of his dorm for drunkenly urinating on his roommate’s bed within a month of arriving here, pissing off almost the entire Film department because of his conception that he knows something more than everyone else, and just generally being an asshole to everyone.

I will not use his name in case he works out a plea or something, but here’s what happened and a bit about how I found out:

My roommate, Adam, works at the Daily, and has been telling me funny stories about dumbshit things people around campus have been doing, and he says to me earlier tonight, “Oh, did I tell you the one about the former head of Fiji (a rather notorious frat here, for those not in the know)?” He hadn’t, so he begins, “Yeah, this kid (mentions name)…”

And I go, “Oh my god, I HATE that fucker! I had to work with him on a project for video production and my partner and I almost strangled him!”

And he goes, “Then you’re gonna love this.”

The story, as it has been told to me:

A package arrived at the border, addressed to this guy at Fiji. This package contained several pounds of marijuana, which Customs, of course, found.

So customs called the FBI and the Evanston Police, who came a-knocking at his door, saying essentially, yo, what the fuck? Though, since they are the police, probably in somewhat different terms.

He claimed he knew nothing about it, but the cops noticed a safe in the corner, which they found more than a little suspicious. He refused to open it, so they got a warrant, and opened it forcibly.

The safe contained:

1. A couple more pounds of weed.

2. Almost $1000 cash.

3. 6-8 grams of cocaine.

4. Mushrooms that “the police believe are hallucinogenic, though they are running tests to confirm this belief.”

Given this jackass’s hygiene regimen, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if they just grew there, but then again, why in the hell else would you keep mushrooms in a safe?

So apparently, the boy is definitley out of NU, and since the Feds are invloved and I’m reasonably sure he has at least a couple of priors (perma-stoners tend to never get off Scott free), he may be going up the river for a bit.

Now I wouldn’t wish that on anyone….but now that it’s happened, couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

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