Don’t shout too close to a naked man

So me, Miyuki, Cleo, Eddy, and Jack were walking to Giordano’s from my apartment.

At the corner of Chicago and Grove, Cleo suddenly shouts, “Oh my god, that guy is naked!” really, really loud, and points at a shirtless man in the first floor of apartments in the building on the corner.

The man then turned, looked down to see all of us looking back up at him, and turned bright red.

I was like, “Um, Cleo…I think his window is open…” And we laughed all the way to Giordano’s.

On the way back, we noted that the blinds had been pulled and the lights were off in the apartment. Cleo was terribly disappointed, having wanted to try a slightly altered version of the Rapunzel fairy tale…

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