Beware: Drunken Posting

Ok, hope I at least got the HTML right, because there will surely be spelling errors.

I’m rather wasted right now, courtesy of Victor Limjoco, who was giving a going-away party for himself earlier this evening (as he is going to London for a quarter) at which I decided it would be a brilliant idea to drink (to the best of my current extremely foggy recollection):

– a cup of Sketchy Punch(TM) (aka Kool-Aid with Everclear)

– a gigantic Mudslide

– a Jell-o shot that was quite heavy on the vodka

– a Skyy Blue

– a Miller Lite

– a Bud Light

All of this within three hours. Or actually, more like two and a half. Kids, don’t try this at home.

Especially my younger, more impresionable cousins, one of whom was visiting me and at least he reads this and should definitely not try this at home for he would die and his parents would kill me.

Why, you ask? Well, because alcohol lowers both your inhibitions and your ability to prevent yourself from making incredibly stupid statements.

Example: I told a friend of mine, who is in love with The Ex, to try and help me hook up with Irene, the Incredibly Hot Italian Chick I Really Really Like. The psychological ramifications of such an action are completely ignored when one is piss-drunk, though I’m sure will come back to make my life quite a bit more interesting in the future.

The sad thing about my drunkenness is that I’m generally drunk enough to be entirely unable to control the flow of words coming out of my mouth (or in this case, fingers) but juuuuuuust sober enough ot be unable to forget the truly dumbfuck things I have said over the course of the evening.

I occasionally wish I were one of those people who could honestly say “Gee, I don’t remember saying that…,” but then again, that’d be absolutely no fun.

So to any of the following: Irene, The Ex, The Friend In Love With The Ex, and any of the attendees of Victor’s party whose feet I unintentionally stepped on while trying to drunkenly stumble to the bathroom, I offer my humblest apologies.

And to the rest of you: I’m sure the sober response to this post should be interesting tomorrow morning/afternoon, so stay tuned.

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