El delays, soft-core and cold medicine

Today was a really odd day.

It took me twice as long to get to work as it normally does because the subway on the red line is, for some reason, incapable of running when it rains really hard.

So the wonderful people of the Chicago Transit Authority rerouted all the red line trains onto the tracks that my train (the purple line) normally takes, pretty much doubling the number of cars on the track and causing a huge snarl.

I ended up being almost an hour late for work, since in addition to getting stuck, my train was 10 minutes late to begin with. And that was simply the beginning of the oddity.

One of the producers at work came in to try and get a bid from the guys I work for on this feature film that she’s trying to bring to the company. In order to get a better idea of what type of audio work was expected of them, examples of the producer and director’s previous films were provided.

Film #1 was called an “erotic thriller,” which we all know means soft-core porn. And not just any soft-core porn, really bad soft-core porn.

It did at least attempt a plot, though that was preempted by a sex scene immediately following the opening credits. There was one point where we had a running bet on how long it would take before the next sex scene.

Well, we had a stopwatch, and it was pretty bad. What else were we gonna do?

Film #2 was essentially nu-blaxploitation. It was about these three guys trying to win a bet about who could bring the hottest chick to their high school reunion. It was bad, though not as bad as the soft-core.

I read a bit of the script of the movie that they’re trying to get for postproduction, and from the script, it doesn’t look as bad as the other two. But suffice it to say I’m glad I’ll be back in school by the time the movie actually is ready for sound post.

That was the morning. I made the ill-advised move of taking some DayQuil after lunch, since I’ve been kind of stuffed up all week and I felt especially shitty this afternoon.

It tastes just as bad, if not worse, than NyQuil, with the serious disadvantage of not knocking you out immediately so that you don’t notice the taste. It also, like most cold medicine, made me feel kind of dopey, which just made the rest of the day crawl by.

I got home and I crawled into bed, wondering if this day had actually happened, or if it was all just some kind of Robitussin-induced hallucination.

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