Quick Summary

My cousin Mark is in town and there is much going on, but I’ll give a brief summary:

1. One of the funniest things you can hear: An anti-drunk driving jingle from 1984, immediately followed by a Coors Light jingle from the same year, on the same tape.

2. You can’t spell schmooze without ooze.

3. Despite all the advances in medicine in the past 50 years, the only thing that cleared up my sinus congestion was Alka-Seltzer, something advertised on radio and TV since my dad (now 65) was a boy.

I’m probably not going to be posting much for a while since Mark is in town, maybe or maybe not followed by my friend Miyuki, definitely followed by me going back to D.C. and moving crap out of my mom’s house, and definitely followed by me getting my wisdom teeth pulled.

In other words, I’ll post when I can, but no angry emails, please, about my lack of updates on my chaotic life. Sometimes the chaos gets to be so much that you can’t even explain the level of chaos.

Or something.

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