I brought a couple of glasses back from The Dome, the cocktail lounge that sits atop Reunion Tower in Dallas. That’s the big thing that looks like a gigantic golf ball on an oversized tee. It gets lit up at night.

Anyway, we went there for drinks a couple of times, and I got a matching pair of souvenir glasses to bring home. I managed to get them all the way back to Chicago without breaking them.

So what happens when I go to wash them out earlier tonight? You guessed it: One of the glasses tumbled out of the dish strainer and smashed into a million pieces in the sink.

I’d take it as some sort of cosmic metaphor if it weren’t just more evidence of my severe clumsiness.

However, I still have one glass. And really, when it comes to large souvenir glasses that resemble the one the Ladies’ Man swirls his Courvosier around in on Saturday Night Live, one should really be plenty.

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