Galaxy of Emptiness

My apartment is empty. I mean really empty. My subletters are all gone, and the first of my roommates for the year is moving in this weekend, while I’m in Dallas for my friend Elisa‘s wedding.

No cats, no dogs, no birds. I see the odd bug wandering about, specifically a very fast centipede who it appears has set up shop in or behind my printer. Other than that, it’s just me.

I had my friend Jack over last night to watch the 2nd season Simpsons DVDs, which I got in the mail yesterday, and it was suddenly odd to have another person in my apartment.

The joke I keep hearing is that now I can walk around the apartment naked, but really, that gets kind of old after about 20 minutes. Plus, if you get used to it, it can present problems when roommates and potential other subletters move back in.

I guess I’m lucky that I’ve been pretty much gone all week, seeing Second City monday night, Beth Orton tuesday night, watching Simpsons til my eyeballs glazed over last night, and then running around trying to get ready for Dallas tonight.

It sure can get quiet though. I’m going to have to start working out my amplifier just to break the silence.

And what a shame that would be…

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