Beer Crisper

I had to clean out the beer crisper today.

The beer crisper is the bottom drawer of the fridge. Most people call it a vegetable crisper, but since a) it does pretty much nothing in terms of keeping vegetables fresh and b) I hardly ever eat vegetables anyway, I started putting beer in it.

I had to clean it out because a bunch of orange juice leaked all over my fridge, and got sticky and disgusting and of course pooled in and under the beer crisper. That got rather disgusting and took an inordinately long time.

On the upside, it’s no longer simply making my beer crisp: In addition to 14 cans of assorted cheap beer, I now also have six packs of hard lemonade and hard cider (which I actually, you know, drink) in there.

I was thinking of renaming it, but “beer crisper” has that certain ring to it that “booze crisper” just doesn’t have. It shall remain, now and forever, the beer crisper.

Well, until someone who actually eats vegetables moves in.

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