Some Things I’ll Never Understand

I had a real weird day today, but the pinnacle came as me, Tom, and Bryen (the guys I work with) were watching a movie we’re supposed to be working on sound for, free of charge, for a friend of a guy who works at Post Effects.

The movie is just plain bad. The script makes no sense, the acting is terrible, the editing is incomprehensible and full of continuity errors (example: Two guys standing in a scene. Next scene, only one. Second guy is never seen again through the rest of the movie, and his presence is never explained).

Well, it does have one redeeming quality: It’s really well-shot. It looks beautiful, at least until one of the dumbfuck actors opens his or her mouth to spout the even dumber dialogue.

But anyway, as we loaded the movie into the computer, we watched it with Mitch, the guy who’s working on the whole shebang (and who has wisely turned down the Associate Producer credit he was offered) for Post Effects. Mitch gets a phone call, and the following line of dialogue comes up:

“She’s got great tits. They’re sloping yet…argumentative.”

Of all the thousands and thousands of adjectives in the english language that could be used to describe breasts, these idiots came up with argumentative?

Tom, Bryen, and I just doubled over laughing while Mitch chatted away on the phone.

And I decided to thrown in the towel on weirdness-monitoring, because it wasn’t going to get any weirder than argumentative tits.

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