I’ve been kind of bad lately about actually updating this thing, and I felt I needed to put a bunch of stuff up before I become a DeadBlog, like Elisa‘s (last update: May 28th) or Eddy‘s (last update, ironically titled “Must not miss a day of blogging”: July 1).

I actually never thought I’d be able to keep this up on a fairly regular basis for as long as I have (almost four months now). I’ve never kept a diary, at least not successfully. I had a couple of attempts when I was in high school to start one, but they always ran out of steam after a week or so.

This, I think, works better for a couple of reasons: I’m doing this more to entertain others than reveal my deepest inner thoughts, since the latter gets kind of boring and depressing after a while, and it’s a great procrastination tool.

And it is nice to have some sort of record of my life for the last few months, remembering little foibles and such.

The odd thing is that now other people know about the foibles. I’ve always had an uncanny memory for random shit (I have actually remembered away messages people put up 2 months before), but I’ve learned that apparently I’m not the only one.

Some people will come up to me and say something referring to something I wrote and I’ll be like “Huh?” and then remember that I wrote about it a few weeks ago. So that is a little bit odd. It’s nice to know, however, that I can look back on all the weird shit that’s happened to me over the last few months and laugh.

But I can pretty much guarantee you the weblog will bite the dust if I start getting laid again.

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