Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

So while I was in Atlanta, one roommate moved out, one left for the summer, and a subletter came. This all within a period of about 3 days.

Cleo moved in with her boyfriend Eddy (who also is going into my golden god list for helping me pick up and disassemble a futon the other day), Katy went home to San Fransisco for the summer, and Subletter No. 1, Karim, arrived.

Karim seems cool. He’s some sort of math professor from Trinidad, though he looks like he must have gotten his PhD in fluid mechanics at age 20 or so, since he could easily pass for about 25. I think he’s actually about 33 or so.

It’s odd living with people I don’t know again. I’ve done this before, and the results were…uh…mixed.

Karim seems cool though, and he seems to be a workoholic, so I guess that decreases the chance that the apartment will simply smell like weed and chili powder for most of the summer. But it’ll certainly be interesting.

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