Surpises are so fun when they work. And boy, was my dad suprised when I walked in the door on friday afternoon.

I had spent the last month or so insisting that I was too busy to come visit him in Atlanta, since my stepmom got me into this insane plan to surprise him. It was worth it for the look on his face.

The essence of it was, “Wait, you’re in Chicago! How the fuck can you possibly be here?!”

Good times. The rest of the weekend was bizzare yet moderately uneventful (well, my stepnephew Jacob clinging to my leg like a barnicle was entertaining, and his mom [my stepsister-in-law] is pregnant again, but that was it in terms of news of note).

The oddest part of the whole weekend was that when I came back, it actually took less time to fly from Atlanta to Chicago than it did to get from Midway back to my apartment.

Yay for the El…

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