Something that does not amuse me

Remember the construction workers that woke me up the other day?

They were back this morning. With a backhoe. At 7am. When I had gone to sleep at 5am.

Not only that, but after they dug a 3 foot deep trench, they simply slapped a steel plate over it and left. The problem with this is that any time a car goes over the plate, there’s a very loud, metallic THUMP-THUMP! noise directly outside my window.

It’s been giving me a massive headache all day, though since Jon let me borrow his window air conditioning unit for the summer earlier tonight, it’s not been quite as excruciating since i’ve been able to close the window.

And by the way, Jon Lewis is a golden god for letting me borrow his a/c for the summer. He lives in an actual air-conditioned building, and is the nicest man alive.

However, the thumping, which is the actual topic of this post, has not ceased. I’m thinking of going out there and sticking a newspaper in the gap between the plate and the road in order to get the damn thing to stop banging, but there are a couple of problems with this:

1) It’s 2am and I’ll probably get hit by a car.

2) I’m tired and I’m going to bed.

However, if the thumping isn’t fixed by tomorrow, I’m definitely going to at least try the newspaper thing. Because you have no idea how annoying this noise is.

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